NQR (Not quite right)

We used to have a store here in Melbourne called NQR or Not Quite Right. It sold slightly out of date stock for consumption. I know right? Anyway this is what I think sometimes when looking at design that has slightly/largely missed the mark. On the surface it may work just fine but on closer inspection it’s well… not quite right.
While trawling the net for interesting designs I came across a random description of ‘tribal art’ on a tattoo site with the attached artwork –

“my first time playing with Polynesian, and I’m hooked. It’s a whole lot of fun! It’s just a random chaos of shapes and patterns, that all mush together. So, since I’m still waiting on her to get the tattoo done, I wanted to show you all the fun style of Polynesian Tribal.”

Im not sure if he meant his own design was a random chaos of shapes and patterns all mushed together or that this is how he sees ‘tribal art’ in general. I see this quite often when looking at poorly researched imitations of a style that I am very familiar with. I may start a segment called NQR on here. By the way I hate the term Tribal Art. It’s like ‘World Music’ or ‘Foreign Movie’, it’s just too broad a term. I’m yet to find/come up with a more suitable replacement though.

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