Finding Country

Torres Strait Island architect Kevin O’Brien has developed a distinctly Indigenous approach to design.

Urban Viti

an/other oceania series that is currently on exhibition at Pacific Storms at the Logan Art Gallery in Logan, Queensland, Australia until 25 June, 2011

Urban Viti.

Urban Viti was created by Dulcie Stewart who grew up in Suva, Fiji and now lives in Brisbane Australia. She was one of the founding members of Red Wave Collective based at the Oceania Centre for Arts and Culture and Pacific Studies at The University of the South Pacific.

I particularly like her view on her surroundings and manages to see patterns of the pacific in everyday life. I often do this myself and am excited to see someone else making work reflecting this.

Some nice work from the mob at Gilimbaa Creative Agency

Gilimbaa was born out of a passion to work with Indigenous art and story-telling and the elements it can bring to contemporary design and communication.

Gilimbaa seem to have found that medium between using traditional art and modern design sense and quite successfully I might add. I particularly like the project they created using old football boots and indigenous artworks for the AFL Boots and Dreams Exhibition.

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Joseph Churchward

News: BeST Awards 09 – Britten Award | Prodesign.

What can I say? It’s Joseph Churchward.

Samoan born Churchward was awarded back in 09 the Britten Award – the Designers Institute of New Zealand’s (DINZ) highest accolade.

I am still pouring over my book by David Bennewith who himself has been awarded for the book he designed, co-wrote and edited about the man himself.

I will start a category dedicated to Churchwards work even though he deserves an entire blog on his over 600 font designs.

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NQR (Not quite right)

We used to have a store here in Melbourne called NQR or Not Quite Right. It sold slightly out of date stock for consumption. I know right? Anyway this is what I think sometimes when looking at design that has slightly/largely missed the mark. On the surface it may work just fine but on closer inspection it’s well… not quite right. Continue reading


So Im currently working on a piece for a group exhibition to take place during fringe festival. I’ve written a rough draft of the group intent and thought I would publish some of it here as it it talks to the idea of cultural ownership of designs and artwork. We are still working on a show title but I think you should get the gist. Continue reading

Indigenous Knowledge and Design

: interview to Dr. H. Pi’Ikea Clark, a Hawaiian talks about designing from the roots « Diseño Design Social Indigenous Knowledge and Design: interview with Dr. H. Pi’Ikea Clark, a Hawaiian talks about designing from the roots « Diseño Design Social.

A brief interview with Dr. H. Pi’Ikea Clark. Who actually lectures in New Zealand. I’m hoping to go listen to him talk next friday at Swinburne University.

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Moving to China

Moving to China.

Fair trade for indigenous design.